How It Works for Schools

The Giving Market is a fun, inclusive shopping experience that inspires EVERY student to live with generosity

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"The Giving Dollars might be the only opportunity for some students to have a gift under the tree for a loved one and that is a huge WIN at our school."
"Beyond better than any holiday shop you've ever heard of."
Promotes Generosity
Promotes Generosity

Each gift comes with a personalized note and every student gets one Giving Dollar to be used on a gift for others.

High-Quality, Curated Gifts

Our handpicked, meaningful gifts make families actually proud to give, and several have a giveback component.

On Site Host
On-Site Host

With our friendly, on-site host leading volunteers and set up, the experience for volunteers is a breeze.

Market Environment
Market Environment

The Giving Market setup feels just like your favorite local craft market.

Easy Payment
Easy Payment

We provide two iPads with easy-to-use software as Giving Market payment stations.

Fun Holiday Experience
Fun Holiday Experience

Through carols, spontaneous singing, and random acts of kindness, students will be spreading holiday cheer.

Why Choose the Giving Market?

5 Reasons Why Schools Across the Country LOVE the Giving Market

Every Student Included

Every Student Included

No one likes to be left out. With our program, EVERY student gets to shop at the Giving Market thanks to our Giving Dollar, a mini-certificate that students can use to buy a gift for someone else.

Honest Fair Pricing

Honest, Fair Pricing

We determine a fair price ahead of time to ensure the best value and experience for your students. We want EVERY student to be able to afford the items we’ve hand-picked for your Giving Market.

Gifts with Meaning

Gifts with Meaning

The gifts offered at the Giving Market aren’t your typical, junky items found at a holiday shop. We’re proud to offer high-quality yet affordable items that promote social good around the world.

Funds for Your School

Funds for Your School

Once your program has completed, the Giving Market will generously donate a portion of the proceeds back to your school. The more you sell, the more you keep!

Fun Local Team

Fun, Local Team

Holiday shops can be tough for volunteers to organize and run. Thanks to our friendly, local host, your volunteers will know exactly what to do and how to run the Giving Market program.

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Giving Market Catalog - Winter 2018

Download the catalog below to share with your school and parent organization! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Giving Market?

The Giving Market is a holiday shop fundraiser like no other! The Giving Market provides a fun student shopping experience that promotes generosity, builds community, and celebrates giving while also raising money for your school.

What forms of payment do you receive during the Giving Market?

We accept Store Credit, cash, check (made out to the school’s parent organization), and Giving Dollars. You can purchase Store Credit by clicking here. It’s an easy and simple way to allow your child to spend money at the Giving Market while not sending in cash or check.

How does Store Credit work?

Store credit is an easy and safe way for family members to send in money for their child to shop at the Giving Market without worrying about the hassle of cash or check. Your child will receive a “certificate” the next school day notifying them of the amount they can spend. Multiple different people can purchase store credit for your child and the amounts will be totaled together for the student.

You can purchase store credit by clicking here.

What is a Giving Dollar?

Every student will receive a Giving Dollar they can use like real money at the Giving Market. We wanted to make sure that every student was able to participate in this incredible school-wide generosity experience. Here’s the catch though…we’re encouraging students to spend their Giving Dollar on someone else before they spend it on themselves. It is a Giving Dollar after all!

Can I buy gifts online?

At this time we are not selling any of our items online. What makes Giving Market great is that it’s an entire experience for students to shop and enjoy giving to others at their school.

When will my child's school be doing the Giving Market?

The Giving Market season lasts for 3 weeks between Thanksgiving and Winter Break. For a specific schedule, please reach out to your local administration or parent organization.

How do I bring Giving Market to my school?

We are currently serving select schools across America for Winter 2018. If you would like to bring Giving Market to your school, please reach out to us by filling out this form. Notice that your state may not be available to host a Giving Market. Please give us your email so we can notify you as soon as possible when Giving Market becomes available in your area.